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Year in review, 2015: Sony Pictures

It’s the time for yearly reviews and resolutions. In 2015 I was mostly shooting with my iPhone, with the Sony NEX-5R being used during vacations. Still, even most of them are still waiting to be processed. Anyway, here are are a small selection of photos from the last year. So, how was your 2015 in [Continue reading]

Between (cropped) Giants

On algorithhms forming communities: my best photos of 2013 (according to 500px)

During this holidays break I setup a new site for my photography and new profiles in 500px and Flickr. 500px is set up in a manner that all new photos get some chance at being viewed a few times (Flickr’s Explore section has a threshold of some number of views). So while I was uploading [Continue reading]

Stuck on Earth: Amazing free world travel guide

This app looks so good, I can’t believe it’s free (I hope creator Trey Ratcliff doesn’t get any ideas :)) Features include: – Discover countless amazing places to visit—the best of the best. – A smart algorithm chooses the best locations and photos based on a combination of crowd-sourcing and curation. – A wonderful map [Continue reading]

Content search for your photos!

// Type “birds” in Google Image search and you get thousands of images of birds. This is done because Google analyses photos and indexes them according to their actual content (shapes or patterns they include). Now, this can be done for your own photos, provided that you use Google+/Picasa. Type “my photos” followed by a [Continue reading]

Starting-out photography tips

+Heather Buckley shares her wisdom, here are my favorites: 1) Think about the environment surrounding your subject – what do you include? What do you leave out?2) Watch the backgrounds, they can work for or against your subject, try depth of field to isolate subjects or emphasise their surroundings._3) Work fast, don’t miss the moment. _ Much more and [Continue reading]

Pirates aren’t cool any more

I hope these agents don’t use waterboarding… :)

Rolling Photography

Interested in taking a photo like the one below with just your iPhone (probably works on most digital cameras, at least mobile phone ones)? If your answer is yes, read this article http://bit.ly/xI3UT4 by +Takahiro Yamamoto

JPEGmini: Less bytes, same quality on your photos

Here is a way for making your website faster: #JPEGmini http://bit.ly/zb7QdM is a new service that compresses a JPEG file without any change in the quality. I tried some random tests with pretty good results. a) Flower photo by +Thomas Hawk : 2048x2048px at 964KB turned to 721KB (1.3x compression)b) "Bird" photo by +Elena Kalis [Continue reading]

The Glorious End

Leslie in Barcelona

Escaping Flickr

I previously http://bit.ly/x0KSf0 wrote about my troubles with Flickr: my Pro account expired (Flickr cared so much about keeping me as a client that it sent me a total 1 (one) mail about it) and according to Flickr policy I could only access only the 200 most recents og my photos. The solution (according to [Continue reading]

Around the World in 5 Minutes

An awesome #time-lapse video by photographer, Kein Lam. Each two-second scene is comprised of about 40 to 60 photographs. More on his site http://kienlam.net/around-the-world (currently down due to heavy load :))

I'm a Flickr hostage

I had seen the notification by #Flickr that my Pro account was expiring. The single mail of notification linked to a FAQ page http://www.flickr.com/help/limits/#73 mentioned that photos above the 200 free limit would be hidden. I made the mistake to believe that that meant that the extra photos would simply be hidden from public view. [Continue reading]

Check the link in the original post for massive amount of imagery providing the base…

Check the link in the original post for massive amount of imagery providing the base of the question :) See also http://thehairpin.com/2011/01/women-laughing-alone-with-salad :) Reshared post from +Mike Elgan Why do women struggle with drinking water? Careful research into stock photos reveals that women can’t drink water out of a bottle without spilling it all over, [Continue reading]