JPEGmini: Less bytes, same quality on your photos

Here is a way for making your website faster: #JPEGmini is a new service that compresses a JPEG file without any change in the quality. I tried some random tests with pretty good results.
a) Flower photo by +Thomas Hawk : 2048x2048px at 964KB turned to 721KB (1.3x compression)
b) "Bird" photo by +Elena Kalis : 754x700px at 369KB turned to 100KB (3.7x compression)
c) Stadium photo : 1024x768px at 602KB turned to 260KB (2.3x compression)

I didn't have #Photoshop handy to compare this with the "Save for web" feature but the beauty of JPEGmini is that doesn't seem to alter the quality of the photo at all, where as on "Save for web" you have to experiment between different compression ratios.

Currently a free web service is offered (also allowing you to upload entire folders) as well as a Photo Server for big clients. A cloud service and a desktop app (that would be more convenient in a web development workflow) are on the way.
Hat tip to +Robert Scoble

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