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JPEGmini: Less bytes, same quality on your photos

Here is a way for making your website faster: #JPEGmini http://bit.ly/zb7QdM is a new service that compresses a JPEG file without any change in the quality. I tried some random tests with pretty good results. a) Flower photo by +Thomas Hawk : 2048x2048px at 964KB turned to 721KB (1.3x compression)b) "Bird" photo by +Elena Kalis [Continue reading]

Get #Instagram in your #Photoshop :)

Get #Instagram in your #Photoshop :) Embedded Link dbox – Instagram Filters as Photoshop Actions Instagram Filters as Photoshop Actions. I recently did a google search to see if anyone had “converted” instagram filters to photoshop actions. After not finding any results, I decided to see if I cou… Google+: Reshared 1 times Google+: View [Continue reading]

Designers: drop Photoshop, do it in HTML!

Any designers who can understand HTML raise your hands :) Embedded Link Prototyping in code | Feature | .net magazine Alex Morris, user experience director at Mark Boulton Design, walks us through some of the rationale, the tricks, the processes and techniques you can employ to build HTML prototyping into your workfl… Google+: Reshared 1 [Continue reading]