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Blog Redesign, Part II

// I’ve been refining the redesign of this blog (see previous post about it for a screenshot of how it looked in the past) and here is the summary of recent changes: All pages: Full page width! Home page: – More space between boxes – Very very white background on boxes instead of gray – [Continue reading]

Blog redesigned – comments?

// I hadn’t touched my blog’s design for a bit over year, so I thought it was time for a refresh. Yes, In case you haven’t noticed, I have a blog at which contains a full (an indexed) archive of all my Google+ posts.  So over the last 20 months I have ended up writing [Continue reading]

Searching for a font, Part II

After my first attempt, I thought it was time for a small visual update on the site. The previous choice: Ubuntu The alternative: Adelle Bold by TypeTogether (you can get the font via Font Squirrel) Current choice: Franchise Bold by Derek Weathersbee (free download, donations accepted) The last choice also lead to some minor layout [Continue reading]

The state of my cloud

When I re-started this site, a bit more than 2 months ago, I thought (or so I said to myself) that I would be posting a lot about coding practices, examples, etc. And it turned out quite differently as you can see on the current status of the tag cloud. Google Plus has been the [Continue reading]

Trying out the Livefyre commenting system

Since the re-launch of the site I have been looking for a way to make the process of commenting easier. I ended up with a connection to Facebook, keeping the WordPress commenting system, but using Facebook for authentication. While page views on the site have been slightly over zero, comments have been, well, basically zero [Continue reading]

Searching for a font

A visual search (using the excellent Simple Lightbox plugin) for the best font for this blog. Any suggestions are welcome :) Current choice: Ubuntu

A new start

Greetings, this is a new article starting a third phase of this site. For the sake of… history, the previous two phase included April 2006 – April 2007: Posting photos from my journeys and things poping up in front of me April 2007 – April 2011: Basically a copy from links on the net I [Continue reading]