Trying out the Livefyre commenting system

Since the re-launch of the site I have been looking for a way to make the process of commenting easier. I ended up with a connection to Facebook, keeping the WordPress commenting system, but using Facebook for authentication.

While page views on the site have been slightly over zero, comments have been, well, basically zero :) So I’m trying out a third-part system, Livefyre, with the intention to provide an even easier interface for comments, authentication via other means beyond Facebook and other more advanced features like subscriptions, @ mentions and cross-posting comments to Facebook and Twitter.

So far it looks nice, I like the fact the not only is there an plugin for WordPress, but Livefyre actually integrates with WordPress: previous comments are imported and new comments are also added in the WordPress database. So give it a try and let me know in the comments how it looks :)

Note #1: Cross-posting to Facebook isn’t very sexy as the actual comment is not shown on Facebook but rather a “I posted a comment” message which will not bring many clicks.

(2/9) Note #2: Obviously Livefyre broke the WP-FB Comments plugin and now comments are not shared with the Facebook page. Livefyre has the same functionality although at the moment I can’t put the URL of my page in the Livefyre control panel. The excellent support team of Livefyre have tracked me down though (see comments) so I’m hoping this will be solved soon.

(3/9) Note #3: More resources on WordPress commenting systems and plugins
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