Location-enhanced photos in your WordPress

So you're taking photos with your mobile and posting them in your #WordPress -powered #photoblog but you find that you're missing something. While your phone has included location information in the photo, it is nowhere to be found on your site.

A solution comes with the GeotagPhoto #plugin : it will identify attached images in your post, find if they have location data and put a marker icon on it when it's displayed on the post. Clicking on it opens a Google Map with the location. It comes with several customization options and you only need a Google Maps API key to start using it.

See a live example here http://bit.ly/yxk5z2

You can get GeotagPhoto at WordPress.org http://bit.ly/xrTPSa
As the code is a little outdated, a small fix is required in you're running WordPress 3 and over, you can find it here http://bit.ly/ADSMSh

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