Content search for your photos!

// Type “birds” in Google Image search and you get thousands of images of birds. This is done because Google analyses photos and indexes them according to their actual content (shapes or patterns they include). Now, this can be done for your own photos, provided that you use Google+/Picasa. Type “my photos” followed by a (set of) keyword(s) and you get personalised results from your photo archive. Above, I search for “Barcelona”. Here are some more examples:

1) birds!

2) flowers!

3) Sagrada Familia!

Notice that these last results from Sagrada Familia do not have a location information stored on them, it’s all done by analysing the photo.

4) Christmas!

This actually found the word “Christmas” in the image :)

Now I was thinking of going back to Flickr after the recent updates, but this feature seems too good to pass  :)

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