Escaping Flickr

I previously wrote about my troubles with Flickr: my Pro account expired (Flickr cared so much about keeping me as a client that it sent me a total 1 (one) mail about it) and according to Flickr policy I could only access only the 200 most recents og my photos. The solution (according to #Flickr was easy: pay them for another year).

Thankfully, I had most of my photos in my iPhoto library. So for most of the photos I could just export them again to Picasa and then delete them from Flickr. As soon as I deleted some photos, Flickr would release a few more, always holding me on the 200 limit.

So I ended up with about 100 photos I didn't have elsewhere. To the rescue came #Migatr . Migatr, a Windows-only application, allows you to migrate from many web platforms to another. The following are supported:
– 23HQ
– Aol Pictures (Import Only) (CLOSING)
– Flickr
– Menalto Gallery (Self-Hosted)
– Picasa Web
– Phanfare
– Photobucket
– SmugMug
– Zenfolio
– Zooomr

The process was quite pain-free (I was only troubled having to find the .NET Framework that is required not the actual migration). Your photos are first downloaded locally and then uploaded on the service of your choice. Unfortunately titles from Flickr are not saved, but titles embedded in EXIF data will of course be read on the other end (e.g. Picasa in my case). I'd like it the photos were also separated in folders when they are downloaded, as it is they are all dumped in a single folder. Still, it's free and worked without issues, and I'm free from Flickr now :)

See the liberated photos here

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