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On algorithhms forming communities: my best photos of 2013 (according to 500px)

During this holidays break I setup a new site for my photography and new profiles in 500px and Flickr. 500px is set up in a manner that all new photos get some chance at being viewed a few times (Flickr’s Explore section has a threshold of some number of views). So while I was uploading [Continue reading]

Escaping Flickr

I previously http://bit.ly/x0KSf0 wrote about my troubles with Flickr: my Pro account expired (Flickr cared so much about keeping me as a client that it sent me a total 1 (one) mail about it) and according to Flickr policy I could only access only the 200 most recents og my photos. The solution (according to [Continue reading]

I'm a Flickr hostage

I had seen the notification by #Flickr that my Pro account was expiring. The single mail of notification linked to a FAQ page http://www.flickr.com/help/limits/#73 mentioned that photos above the 200 free limit would be hidden. I made the mistake to believe that that meant that the extra photos would simply be hidden from public view. [Continue reading]