The ultimate in Troll technology

You automated our factories – which took our jobs.
You automated our travel agents – which took our jobs.
You automated buying books – and closed our bookstores.
You gave us automated checkout machines at shopping centers – which took our jobs.
You automated our skilled radiologists work – which took our jobs.
You automated our accounting – which took our jobs.
You gave us open source – and took away your own ability to make a living writing code – by allowing people in India and China to do that much cheaper for us.
You automated our lives away.

You see a person with a job and you think "how can I take that job from them and replace it with a computer"
You didn't replace them with anything. You just though that you have a fucking great idea about how to make things more efficient. More disruptive

It isn't the 1% who destroyed the middle class. It was you. The IT nerds. You constantly look at ways to "disrupt" our society so you can get some more silicon valley stock options.

Unemployment will rise – because you don't give us new jobs – you just take away our old ones.

Pat yourself on the back Gnat as you destroy another industry. You're the fucking problem.

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