Stuck on Earth: Amazing free world travel guide

This app looks so good, I can’t believe it’s free (I hope creator Trey Ratcliff doesn’t get any ideas :))

Features include:
– Discover countless amazing places to visit—the best of the best.
– A smart algorithm chooses the best locations and photos based on a combination of crowd-sourcing and curation.
– A wonderful map interface that allows you to zoom into any level in any country to find the best places to visit.
– No ideas for future trips or places to photograph? Try countless Top 50 Lists to get inspired!
– Create trips for the future: “Florida in 2013” or “Wine escapade in France, le sigh!”
– All saved trips are available offline, since I know when you are on the road, connectivity can be tough.
– A customized experienced based on your personality type—Photographer, Explorer, or Daydreamer.
– Professional voice actress, Karen Hutton, serves as your personal travel guide.

Available for iPad and Android at

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