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Prisma iOS app promises to add variety in your photo filters

I’m trying out the Prisma app that’s gone viral the last few days. Although we have had Photoshop filters that turn photos into “paintings” for more than two decades now, the creators of the app seem to have done a good job with their algorithms. The outputs (which the developers claim that are coming from [Continue reading]

Between (cropped) Giants

On algorithhms forming communities: my best photos of 2013 (according to 500px)

During this holidays break I setup a new site for my photography and new profiles in 500px and Flickr. 500px is set up in a manner that all new photos get some chance at being viewed a few times (Flickr’s Explore section has a threshold of some number of views). So while I was uploading [Continue reading]

Stuck on Earth: Amazing free world travel guide

This app looks so good, I can’t believe it’s free (I hope creator Trey Ratcliff doesn’t get any ideas :)) Features include: – Discover countless amazing places to visit—the best of the best. – A smart algorithm chooses the best locations and photos based on a combination of crowd-sourcing and curation. – A wonderful map [Continue reading]