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How to add authorship information for Facebook, Pinterest and Google on your blog

Authorship markup for sites used to be an exciting term back when Google was using it in the search results but has since faded back as Google decided that it’s not for everyone. Now it may make a come back as Facebook is now using it to help you get more followers and at the [Continue reading]

Shared circles murdered, Collections born: Upping the game for G+ curators

Crazy thought: maybe Google didn’t like (in the end) the ease of massively sharing hundreds of people’s profiles to thousands other people. Maybe that served the purpose of many people being happy to have thousands of followers (and thus be happy to be on Google+). Maybe they found out that it doesn’t improve overall post [Continue reading]

A new way to share on Google+ from any page

Friends+Me has a new Google Chrome #extension, allowing you to share any page you are currently visiting. A popup like the one you would get on G+ appears and you can write your post, tag people and use the hashtag autocomplete feature as if you’re inside G+. You can also choose to start a new [Continue reading]

CoSchedule: a full social media solution for WordPress?

  The question mark in the title is because this is actually my first test post using CoSchedule. It brands itself as the perfect way to manage your social media scheduling with WordPress as your base. The concept is that you have a calendar where you can visualise your scheduled blog posts and all social [Continue reading]

Statistics, statistics, statistics!

One of the best G+ tools, CircleCount has an update on their dashboard page. You now can get an nice summary with the following – number of public posts you have written – number of plusones/reshares/comments you have received for these posts – the same numbers but as average numbers per posts – the number [Continue reading]

Quickly check the popularity of a Google+ post

If +1’s, comments and shares is not enough for your, here’s another metric to check for your posts. If you added a photo with your post, in the full view of the photo click the “Photo details” heading. It will show various information about the photo (dimensions, your camera, etc) and also the number of [Continue reading]

Who will see your Google+ posts?

A great flowchart by Philipp Steuer on which users will actually see your posts. h/t Tim Grimes

How to easily find and circle back your Google+ engagers

This post was inspired by Christine DeGraff who made a comment about manually adding (one by one!) all the people who shared a post of hers. There is an easier way! It’s all done with Google Chrome plugin called Circloscope, developed by Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh. You can test a free version, but if you want [Continue reading]

Facebook gets lazy, wants us to do it’s indexing for them

// Around the same time that Google+ is introducing features like automated tagging of posts and your photos can being searchable by their content, Facebook wants us to go a through a menu interface and state what we’re doing from a choice of options. Of course this all comes down to advertising (as Slate pointed [Continue reading]

How to fix the new G+ layout with Stylish

// Well, “fix” is a relative term. You might like the new look and feel of Google+ so you can stop reading now. But while I’ve initially loved it, I have been mounting up some serious problems with it. So much, that while I’m not a big fan of the various solutions to customise the [Continue reading]

Blog Redesign, Part II

// I’ve been refining the redesign of this blog (see previous post about it for a screenshot of how it looked in the past) and here is the summary of recent changes: All pages: Full page width! Home page: – More space between boxes – Very very white background on boxes instead of gray – [Continue reading]

Social media cross-posting with Friends+me

// I’ve recently posted about Fotostat (http://bit.ly/g-fotostat ) , a new service for cross-posting within several social networks, with focus on images. I have been using it with great success for a site I manage. But if your main network is Google+, you are out of luck, because Google has only given write access through the G+ API to selected third-party [Continue reading]

Dear G+, for your next feature

Please, now that you are really keeping track of all the shares and re-shares of each post, show them just once in my stream. I love +Vic Gundotra announcements as much as the next guy, but I don’t need to read them 10 times. It devalues the quality of the Stream and I personally avoid [Continue reading]

A really resourceful post!

A really resourceful post! Reshared post from +Gabriel Vasile BEST GOOGLE PLUS PLUGINS FOR WORDPRESS These are the best wordpress plugins dedicated to google plus that I found so far. I hope I didn’t miss other important ones, but if I did… just leave me a comment on the original post: http://goo.gl/FKz5p. Please share this [Continue reading]

You can now share content with the +1 button

What many people have been expecting as an obvious feature when Google+ was launched is now becoming reality. It’s not fully rolled out yet to everyone (just tried on a page but didn’t get the magic) but you will be able to share the page you are +1’ing on your Google+ circles. When it’s live: [Continue reading]

Social media is social but it’s not media

Where equals (or close to equals) get together to interact. On Facebook it ‘s like a school reunion or a family picnic or an office party. A loose social gathering with no specific interest focus. On Twitter it looks more like a cocktail party. Lots of subgroups with specific interests. But however it looks, it [Continue reading]

Adventures in Google Apps Land

With the introduction of Google+ I made the attempt to re-organise my Google services under a new account also having my giannopoulos.net email on Google Apps. This lead to discovering two things

The most brilliant/evil feature in Google+

I’m exploring the world of Google+ and this option in the sharing window seems to be the best way for a social network to expand.

Google+ Statistics on SocialStatistics.com

You know when your product/service is catching on, when other people are starting to built on it, try to take advantage on it or make themselves more known by being the first on it. From the co-founder of TwitterCounter.com… Google+ Statistics tracks the top 100 users on Google+. Just add yourself so we can start [Continue reading]

Google+ Circles: Rethinking the way we share

I had a full article on the issue but the WordPress iPhone app decided to eat it, so here are some other people’s articles instead

Facebook, Google, and the war to lock you in

Facebook isn’t necessarily the new Compuserve, and Google might not be angling to be the Hotel California of tech, but all of the big web giants seem intent on locking their users into experiencing a single-vendor web. Facebook riled users this week by throttling their ability to export their Facebook friends’ data for use with [Continue reading]