A really resourceful post!

A really resourceful post!

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These are the best wordpress plugins dedicated to google plus that I found so far. I hope I didn’t miss other important ones, but if I did… just leave me a comment on the original post: http://goo.gl/FKz5p. Please share this to help the g+ community.

1. Google+Bloghttp://goo.gl/ILvbJ
Automatically crosspost your Google+ posts to your wordpress blog
How to setup Google+Blog plugin: http://goo.gl/Ge1aV
More about this plugin from +Daniel Treadwell over here: http://goo.gl/nfa9O

2a. Google Plus Widgethttp://widgetsplus.com/
Allows you to show the visitors of your blog/website your Google+ account. You can also add your Google Plus stream in it!

2b. GoogleCardshttp://goo.gl/SbDvZ
Adds a google+ widget for linking to your google+ profile and showing your number of followers. Very easy to use. Upon activating the plugin, you’ll have a new widget available in your Appearance – Widgets section. You can drop that widget into a sidebar of yours, specify a title and your Google Plus profile ID. You’ll end up with a neat card displaying your name, avatar and the amount of circles you’ve been listed in.

2c. Scriptrr Google+ Profilehttp://goo.gl/2mP0e
Allows users to add a widget on their blog or website to invite visitors to new Google + Profile. It shows how many followers you got and can also be customized to show your other social profiles as you have defined on your Google+ profile. Very easy to install and can be customized for color and width.

3a. Google +1 Buttonhttp://goo.gl/2uUBO
Easily add Google’s +1 button to your posts and pages, single or lists. Has a choice of multiple languages, placement locations and button sizes, as well as whether to display the +1 count or not.

The plugin comes equipped with a function that you can use inside your theme for manual placement and even a shortcode that you can use inside your posts and pages.

3b. WP PlusOne Thishttp://goo.gl/lQzb0
Similar to the plugin above but requires no configuration at all. Simply install and activate the plugin and you’ll get Google’s +1 button on every post and page on your blog. You can specify further positioning of the button via CSS.

3c. Plus Onehttp://goo.gl/dwga9
This plugin not only adds the +1 button to your posts and pages, but also gives you a page full of settings including advanced ones, like JS callbacks and the HTML code for the button placement. Very neat for advanced users and those who’re really picky about where, how and why the button should be placed.

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