Adventures in Google Apps Land

With the introduction of Google+ I made the attempt to re-organise my Google services under a new account also having my email on Google Apps. This lead to discovering two things

1) Google Apps accounts don’t have access to Google Profiles, the base service for Google’s social services, +1 , Buzz and Plus. Basically, if you have a Google Apps account you are in a parallel universe where not all Google services exist. Google said back in March that the feature will come “soon”…

2) Transferring ownership of a file is not that easy. You can share a file from account A to account B, but when you try to trash it from account A in order to transfer ownership to account B, it simply fails.

Of course the help article titled What’s the difference between a Google account and a Google Apps account? doesn’t mention these or the probably plenty more differences between the two types of accounts.

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