How to easily find and circle back your Google+ engagers

This post was inspired by Christine DeGraff who made a comment about manually adding (one by one!) all the people who shared a post of hers. There is an easier way! It’s all done with Google Chrome plugin called Circloscope, developed by Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh. You can test a free version, but if you want to do some serious circle management, Circloscope is the easiest 5$ (Australian) you can spend (or at least, it was for me) :)

Here’s how it works
1) Go to and install the premium edition, then open it from the toolbar icon
2) You will be prompted to choose between your personal account and any page accounts you have
3) Choose “Data” under “Load”, and then “Ripple”
4) Paste the URL address of a recent G+ post
5) If you want to cover a period (e.g. the last week), do steps 3+4 for each post you made during that period
6) You will now have a list of people who either +1ed, commented or shared your post(s). You can filter them accordingly from the “Engagement” option under “Filter”
7) From “Circle operations” under “Add” you can now added them in a new or existing circle.

You’re done! :)

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