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Where has my desktop Google+ gone?

Some first-day gripes on the new #GooglePlus #UI. In short, it seems like the mobile UI has eaten up the desktop one. Here goes (also sending these over the @Google+ feedback form): Everything needs a click. No more hovering. While that make sense in mobile, I don’t see why the desktop experience must suffer. Hover [Continue reading]

A new way to share on Google+ from any page

Friends+Me has a new Google Chrome #extension, allowing you to share any page you are currently visiting. A popup like the one you would get on G+ appears and you can write your post, tag people and use the hashtag autocomplete feature as if you’re inside G+. You can also choose to start a new [Continue reading]

How to easily find and circle back your Google+ engagers

This post was inspired by Christine DeGraff who made a comment about manually adding (one by one!) all the people who shared a post of hers. There is an easier way! It’s all done with Google Chrome plugin called Circloscope, developed by Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh. You can test a free version, but if you want [Continue reading]

Where's the Google+ Activity Log?

// So last night, I commented in a #community post. This morning I can’t find it. Unless someone replies to my comment or +1 it, I will never be able to find it.  So how about an #activity #log, a (private or public depending on user choice) page where all comments I’ve made and all [Continue reading]

Google+Blog for WordPress v.1.1.2

I had previously wrote http://bit.ly/yNwPxo about +Daniel Treadwell’s Google+Blog plugin which imports your #GooglePlus posts into #WordPress . I’ve been a happy user ever since so I’m jumping to the opportunity to post about it again as it has recently been updated. These are changes of v.1.1.0 although it has been silently been updated to [Continue reading]