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Tracking shares before they happen (or even if they don’t happen)?

// A tricky question poped up in my Quora home page: Is it possible to check, if somebody requested your site’s #meta #tags ?The logic behind this is that you could track social shares even if the user doesn’t complete the process (load’s up the URL on Facebook or a sharing widget) and then quits. [Continue reading]

Quora, a Google+ blogging alternative?

// I generally detest article headlines that pose questions rather than provide a definite position, but I’m undecided on this one.Recently, #Quora upgraded their Boards feature, renaming the Blogs. The standard features include: – a quora.com subdomain of your choice – set a title, logo/avatar image and #blog description – choice of set of basic [Continue reading]

Twitter is actually IRC, with less features

// Want proof? Here you go :)  http://tweetchat.com/room/ircOne could say that it’s a step backwards from #IRC  because you need a special interface like tweechat to avoid always mentioning the name of the room (hashtag) you are writing in. And of course you can’t have a private room. Or really good moderation tools. Or… ;)

Cross-network social media engagement analysis

// Did that sound complex enough? :) Statistics and trying to do comparisons can often be misleading as just seeing the numbers below can prove. The numbers are from a test +Wil Wheaton did: he asked people on #Facebook  and #Google + to following a list to his blog as a test on how much traffic [Continue reading]

History: G+ Activity Log for the rest of the Web

// I recently wrote http://bit.ly/Vx6wiE asking for a #Google+ activity log, a page where you could see all the posts you +1ed or commented on. The problem is, if someone doesn’t interact with the post after you, you can’t easily find it.  It turns out something like this is on the works. +Shamil Weerakoon pointed me to [Continue reading]

Free eBook: Social State

// In celebration of Community Manager Appreciation Day, +Esteban Contreras’s new book "Social State: Thoughts, stats and stories about the of social media in 2013" is available #free of charge just for today! The book contains lots of great information and insights on #social  #media, making it a great read! Get it on the links below:– [Continue reading]

Where's the Google+ Activity Log?

// So last night, I commented in a #community post. This morning I can’t find it. Unless someone replies to my comment or +1 it, I will never be able to find it.  So how about an #activity #log, a (private or public depending on user choice) page where all comments I’ve made and all [Continue reading]

Married people who like prostitutes

// The new #Facebook  Graph Search was an awesome idea +Mark Zuckerberg, bravo! :) The internet is going to be laughing (while being scared about it) at this for a few days (until we forget about it and continue publicly sharing our data without much thought)  More fun searches at http://actualfacebookgraphsearches.tumblr.com/

Does writing in the WSJ mean anything?

// Short answer: probably not. A bit longer answer:  I just had the pleasure of reading this article by +John C Dvorak on the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch http://bit.ly/WfVf1V In it Dvorak determines that #crowdsourcing will soon be over and provides 3 examples: 1) He went on a site and got a popup (which he didn’t know if [Continue reading]

Your most popular G+ photos

// A lovely use of the #Google+ #API  : Go to  http://www.googleplussuomi.com/thumbs.php?id=109098983561044225374 and replace the ID number with the number of your profile (you can figure out by going to your profile and seeing the address of the page). You will get your (public) photos sorted by popularity!Via +Klaus Herrmann and +Jeff Sullivan. Created by +Jari Huomo 

Zoom! Enhance! Manhattan!

// Just trying for another time the latest   #googleplusupdate that allows you to #zoom on big photos. This one is a 3.6MB 3000×1418 pixels panorama of Manhattan by Sergey Semonov that won the amateur catagory at Epson International Photographic Pano Awards. (More about it here http://bit.ly/VJGGTX) Thanks to +Gina Trapani for the link.

Zoom! Enhance!

// Google+ was already a great #social network for photographers but this new feature in the most recent #googleplusupdate  is simply awesome. You can now:  – use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out– click and drag to pan right, left, up or down Try it out!Note that this is 2000×1300 pixels screenshot of [Continue reading]

Hoax almost becomes true, hell will freeze quite shortly, please stay tuned

Hoax almost becomes true, hell will freeze quite shortly, please stay tuned // Dear +Mark Zuckerberg, I really like your development priorities. We still can not edit our status updates, but we can now pay you money so that our posts can actually be seen by people that used to see all our posts. Keep [Continue reading]

Dalai Lama is an ass

// 5 Million (5,053,638) followers and not 1 (one) following back? :-)  Other than that, the guy is great, you should follow him ;) But on Google+ => +Dalai Lama 

The Apple Manual on being a Human

// A big scoop for Gizmodo yesterday, with what appears to be the Apple manual on their Genius staff training. It’s a full instructions set on how to talk to customers in a civilized, friendly and empathic way, while at the same time not admitting that there might something wrong with an #Apple product and [Continue reading]

The Meaning Of Fake

//Here is how to make headlines for your social media management company1) Find a topic that’s causing traffic these days: let’s say… fake twitter follower counts and politicians in an election year2) Develop a tool that supposedly can identify fake accounts3) Instant success! Meet the Status People Fake Follower Check tool http://bit.ly/NlG47P You just give [Continue reading]

What the Plus! Free for 6 5 hours!

+Guy Kawasaki teamed up with +Samsung USA to offer his new book on #Google + What the Plus! as a free PDF download. What the Plus! is a collection of articles on making the best out of G+ Get it here http://yousend.it/whYuAr (the link will expire in about 5 hours, after that you can find [Continue reading]

Content worth sharing

What marketers can learn from cartoons Here’s an excellent (and huge!) article by +Tom Fishburne on creating content in the age of #social media As a cartoonist and marketer, I learned that there is a lot to learn from the simple cartoon. Cartoons are “content worth sharing”. Today I want to talk about 5 lessons [Continue reading]

This is a psychology experiment

Also, proof that cats are smarter than dogs I’m interested in the human nature and would like to measure the effect animals have on people’s psychology. So, I’m posting the sample video below to test emotional response to human-like actions of animals. Please post in the comments how that video made you feel. That said, [Continue reading]

Portrait of a LinkedIn user

Power Formula blog contacted a survey among #LinkedIn users. If you are into social media #marketing, check out the results:

Social Media tracking with ThinkUp

There are various solutions (with varying paying options) if you want to monitor your #social network efforts but there is also an open-source solution. +ThinkUp, led by +Gina Trapani, is a web application that can provide you statistics on your #Facebook , #Twitter and #Google + accounts and pages. Included are likes, reshares and responses [Continue reading]

Auto-post Google+ posts on Twitter

If you have left Twitter for Google+, here is a way to stay in touch: ManageFlitter http://bit.ly/xmb2tk is a freemium service for managing your Twitter account. In it’s free service it allows for copying your public Google+ posts on Twitter. The process is quite simple, you create an account with your Twitter credentials and just [Continue reading]

Damn you Google!

I need the meme generator to be working perfectly! :)


No big internet story is complete without a Hitler video. That said, when I search for "Britney Spears" I dont get her Facebook page but I do get her Twitter account. Her Google+ page is not included, but there is a small link to it under the result for her official page (it’s the new [Continue reading]

Your Google+ followers on a map

www.Circlecount.com keeps on improving, this is a new feature that will show the location of your Google+ followers round the world. You also get a per country analysis, as well as gender stats.

Now you really need to be on Google+

In case you didn’t think you needed to be on Google+ since your social media presence on other platforms was "good enough", think again. As of this week Google is rolling out the "Search Plus Your World" feature, basically combining it’s data from Google+ in the search results, both providing a more personalized result but [Continue reading]

Add your author information in search results

#Google is quickly adding social elements in search, you might have seen that can see who shared a page directly on the #search results page. But you can now add your own author information (name and photo) when a page of yours shows up in search results. Here’s how to do it: 1. Link your [Continue reading]

No Google, wrong match :)

No Google, wrong match :)

Vovo_panico, an elderly comedian from Brazil is getting an average of 179.81 re-…

Vovo_panico, an elderly comedian from Brazil is getting an average of 179.81 re-tweets! Embedded Link On Twitter, The Most Influential Person Is… A new study from Hewlett-Packard Labs has analyzed trends and topics on Twitter in order to suss out how certain Tweeters influence the trending topics that

Come on, chicken slaying is always fun! http://imgur.com/a/PrLrB #PrivacyFail

Come on, chicken slaying is always fun! http://imgur.com/a/PrLrB #PrivacyFail