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Seven years of Facebook in a single chart

I’m not sure I have seen any other service offer anything like that. In the screenshot you see what @SumAll has produced from my Facebook activity since the beginning of my registration, back in 2007, with numbers of posts, shares, comments per week. (I’m not sure what happened in 2012, I don’t remember not using [Continue reading]

CoSchedule: a full social media solution for WordPress?

  The question mark in the title is because this is actually my first test post using CoSchedule. It brands itself as the perfect way to manage your social media scheduling with WordPress as your base. The concept is that you have a calendar where you can visualise your scheduled blog posts and all social [Continue reading]

Social media cross-posting with Friends+me

// I’ve recently posted about Fotostat (http://bit.ly/g-fotostat ) , a new service for cross-posting within several social networks, with focus on images. I have been using it with great success for a site I manage. But if your main network is Google+, you are out of luck, because Google has only given write access through the G+ API to selected third-party [Continue reading]

Twitter Cards: Engage!

// Just 6 days after my submission for inclusion on the #TwitterCards program, I got in and in the screenshot you can see the result: whenever someone tweets a URL of my blog, an “expanded view” will be available with a title, short description, thumbnail, my name and #Twitter handleIt also works on the mobile (iOS [Continue reading]

Improve links to your site on Twitter with Twitter Cards

// Announced since last July, Twitter Cards is Twitter’s equivalent (or “answer” if you like tech drama) to the Open Graph. By defining a set of #meta #tags in your #HTML code you can provide instructions to #Twitterin order to display an “expanded” preview of your page, when your page’s URL is included in a [Continue reading]

Social Media tracking with ThinkUp

There are various solutions (with varying paying options) if you want to monitor your #social network efforts but there is also an open-source solution. +ThinkUp, led by +Gina Trapani, is a web application that can provide you statistics on your #Facebook , #Twitter and #Google + accounts and pages. Included are likes, reshares and responses [Continue reading]

Breaking news: Media love a good Twitter story

Reading on TNW that Egyptians use Twitter to raise over $200,000 in 1 week caught my attention, which is what a headline is supposed to do. But I dont find it to be mostly accurate. As we read in the first couple of paragraphs of the article: The initiative, spearheaded by blogger and activist Mahmoud [Continue reading]

Social media is social but it’s not media

Where equals (or close to equals) get together to interact. On Facebook it ‘s like a school reunion or a family picnic or an office party. A loose social gathering with no specific interest focus. On Twitter it looks more like a cocktail party. Lots of subgroups with specific interests. But however it looks, it [Continue reading]