Seven years of Facebook in a single chart


I’m not sure I have seen any other service offer anything like that. In the screenshot you see what @SumAll has produced from my Facebook activity since the beginning of my registration, back in 2007, with numbers of posts, shares, comments per week.

(I’m not sure what happened in 2012, I don’t remember not using the service for a long period of time. Is it possible that Facebook has lost some of my precious posts?)

But this is just a single source of data that SumAll can handle, the full list includes social media, e-commerce and banking platforms, Google Analytics, even RunKeeper and Fitbit. Does running correlate with better sales? You could find out :)


On thing to note, for Facebook Pages it seems that you can only get data for the last year. Facebook isn’t nice enough to give you all your data.

SumAll is free for the basic use of importing data and creating charts and downloading your data, with paid options for creating reports for clients.

Access it here

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