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One day, all Facebook posts will have views counters

(Update 22/Oct: Facebook now says this was a bug, no intention of actually showing views to regular people.) (Update 15/Oct: Aaaaaaand, it’s gone. No more views counts :) Let’s see how many years this takes to be fully implemented. If at all.) I’m not sure if I’m in a test group or something to that [Continue reading]

Seven years of Facebook in a single chart

I’m not sure I have seen any other service offer anything like that. In the screenshot you see what @SumAll has produced from my Facebook activity since the beginning of my registration, back in 2007, with numbers of posts, shares, comments per week. (I’m not sure what happened in 2012, I don’t remember not using [Continue reading]

Google adding synonyms and intent in the search for the perfect match

// For some time now, #Google has not been taking your searches… literally. Your keywords will of course be used but Google will also add in the mix the correct spelling of the words you used (if you made an error) as well as synonyms or related words (think "cat" when you search for "pet") [Continue reading]

EdgeRank Checker (www.edgerankchecker.com) has added a new "post grading"…

EdgeRank Checker (www.edgerankchecker.com) has added a new "post grading" feature, showing statistics for each post on your page. Anyone using the service and seeing this in action? Embedded Link Post Grading Explained: In-Depth Facebook Post Analysis | EdgeRank Checker Post Grading Explained: In-Depth Facebook Post Analysis. Posted on October 30, 2011 by Chad Wittman. Tweet. [Continue reading]

FAQ: How Google factors page speed into its search rankings

It’s a well-known fact that site speed is a critical ranking factor for organic search. The big question has been how exactly Google does this. This is probably one of the most-asked questions I receive, and the answers aren’t easy to find. Full article: FAQs: The 12 most-asked questions about how Google factors page speed [Continue reading]

+1 reporting in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

The +1 button and the Google+ project are both about making it easier to connect with the people you trust online. For the +1 button, that means bringing advice from trusted friends and contacts right into Google search, letting the users who love your web content recommend it at the moment of decision. But when you’re [Continue reading]