Google adding synonyms and intent in the search for the perfect match

// For some time now, #Google has not been taking your searches… literally. Your keywords will of course be used but Google will also add in the mix the correct spelling of the words you used (if you made an error) as well as synonyms or related words (think "cat" when you search for "pet")

But Google is going further, analysing what people click for each search and determining users' intention. E.g. watching a video when you just search for "U2". This can go to an extreme like also giving you Best Buy pages when you search for another electronic site (see screenshot).

What to do about it? Use Google #Keyword  Tool and see which search terms people are using. Combine it with your Google #Analytics  report about through which keywords people end up on your site. 

Use also Google #Trends to see if your website topic is part of a large audience over time or not and decide if you should expand or focus your coverage.
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