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Reminder, you’re always giving information to Facebook

In case you were wondering how much information you’re providing to Facebook’s advertisers, there is a page for that. To access the page, you need to bump into an ad on your feed, click the arrow icon on the top right, select “Why am I seeing this?” and then “Manage your ad preferences”. Or click [Continue reading]

How to kill Facebook’s News Feed

Find yourself spending too much time on Facebook? Eradicate distractions by removing the news feed content. Chrome: News Feed Eradicator for Facebook Firefox: Kill FB Feed Safari: Quiest Facebook These solutions will allow you to still use messages and do posts of your own. To block Facebook (and other distracting sites) completely (or even better, [Continue reading]

One day, all Facebook posts will have views counters

(Update 22/Oct: Facebook now says this was a bug, no intention of actually showing views to regular people.) (Update 15/Oct: Aaaaaaand, it’s gone. No more views counts :) Let’s see how many years this takes to be fully implemented. If at all.) I’m not sure if I’m in a test group or something to that [Continue reading]

How to add authorship information for Facebook, Pinterest and Google on your blog

Authorship markup for sites used to be an exciting term back when Google was using it in the search results but has since faded back as Google decided that it’s not for everyone. Now it may make a come back as Facebook is now using it to help you get more followers and at the [Continue reading]

Seven years of Facebook in a single chart

I’m not sure I have seen any other service offer anything like that. In the screenshot you see what @SumAll has produced from my Facebook activity since the beginning of my registration, back in 2007, with numbers of posts, shares, comments per week. (I’m not sure what happened in 2012, I don’t remember not using [Continue reading]

CoSchedule: a full social media solution for WordPress?

  The question mark in the title is because this is actually my first test post using CoSchedule. It brands itself as the perfect way to manage your social media scheduling with WordPress as your base. The concept is that you have a calendar where you can visualise your scheduled blog posts and all social [Continue reading]

Facebook gets lazy, wants us to do it’s indexing for them

// Around the same time that Google+ is introducing features like automated tagging of posts and your photos can being searchable by their content, Facebook wants us to go a through a menu interface and state what we’re doing from a choice of options. Of course this all comes down to advertising (as Slate pointed [Continue reading]

Social media cross-posting with Friends+me

// I’ve recently posted about Fotostat (http://bit.ly/g-fotostat ) , a new service for cross-posting within several social networks, with focus on images. I have been using it with great success for a site I manage. But if your main network is Google+, you are out of luck, because Google has only given write access through the G+ API to selected third-party [Continue reading]

Cross-network social media engagement analysis

// Did that sound complex enough? :) Statistics and trying to do comparisons can often be misleading as just seeing the numbers below can prove. The numbers are from a test +Wil Wheaton did: he asked people on #Facebook  and #Google + to following a list to his blog as a test on how much traffic [Continue reading]

History: G+ Activity Log for the rest of the Web

// I recently wrote http://bit.ly/Vx6wiE asking for a #Google+ activity log, a page where you could see all the posts you +1ed or commented on. The problem is, if someone doesn’t interact with the post after you, you can’t easily find it.  It turns out something like this is on the works. +Shamil Weerakoon pointed me to [Continue reading]

Married people who like prostitutes

// The new #Facebook  Graph Search was an awesome idea +Mark Zuckerberg, bravo! :) The internet is going to be laughing (while being scared about it) at this for a few days (until we forget about it and continue publicly sharing our data without much thought)  More fun searches at http://actualfacebookgraphsearches.tumblr.com/

Does writing in the WSJ mean anything?

// Short answer: probably not. A bit longer answer:  I just had the pleasure of reading this article by +John C Dvorak on the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch http://bit.ly/WfVf1V In it Dvorak determines that #crowdsourcing will soon be over and provides 3 examples: 1) He went on a site and got a popup (which he didn’t know if [Continue reading]

Facebook on the freemium path

Apparently, what used to be a free service, #Facebook, is now fully freemium on all levels. I just got this "Promote" option that allows me to overcome Facebook’s algorithm on what is "cool" for my friends to see and actually get them to see my posts (you know, the original purpose of Facebook’s service). Until [Continue reading]

Social Media tracking with ThinkUp

There are various solutions (with varying paying options) if you want to monitor your #social network efforts but there is also an open-source solution. +ThinkUp, led by +Gina Trapani, is a web application that can provide you statistics on your #Facebook , #Twitter and #Google + accounts and pages. Included are likes, reshares and responses [Continue reading]

Social media is social but it’s not media

Where equals (or close to equals) get together to interact. On Facebook it ‘s like a school reunion or a family picnic or an office party. A loose social gathering with no specific interest focus. On Twitter it looks more like a cocktail party. Lots of subgroups with specific interests. But however it looks, it [Continue reading]

Google+ vs Facebook: The xkcd test

Xkcd is one of my favorite comics, so sharing a good strip is part of my “sharing agenda”. Facebook has traditionally a problem with xkcd.com pages.

Adding OG Tags in WordPress

I’ve been using the FB Connect plugin for allowing visitors to login on the blog. It adds the Open Graph tags that Facebook reads to determine how a page will be displayed on a Facebook stream when shared, but not all of them. The description and image tags are missing, plus there are not tags [Continue reading]

The WordPress vs Facebook Game: Round II

You can make something work in theory, but reality can often have a different opinion. My plan to integrate WordPress with Facebook worked in theory (and the first tests) but in practice there were problems.

Facebook, Google, and the war to lock you in

Facebook isn’t necessarily the new Compuserve, and Google might not be angling to be the Hotel California of tech, but all of the big web giants seem intent on locking their users into experiencing a single-vendor web. Facebook riled users this week by throttling their ability to export their Facebook friends’ data for use with [Continue reading]

From WordPress to Facebook and back

When you start a new blog you have no visitors so you need to reach out to them. And these days most of your audience can be easily reached on Facebook as your social graph is bound to be stored there these days. I have been facing the issue of making it easy for people [Continue reading]

How Forbes turned $6.5 million into $20 billion

The web is getting ready for another bubble… Forbes is reporting that Facebook’s Zuckerberg is now richer than the Google’s Sergey and Larry. How did that happen? By using the most naive form of financial extrapolation and calling it fact. Here’s how the financial alchemy works: GSV Capital spent $6.5 million to buy 225,000 shares [Continue reading]