Breaking news: Media love a good Twitter story

Reading on TNW that Egyptians use Twitter to raise over $200,000 in 1 week caught my attention, which is what a headline is supposed to do. But I dont find it to be mostly accurate. As we read in the first couple of paragraphs of the article:

The initiative, spearheaded by blogger and activist Mahmoud Salem, managed to bring in over $200,000 in just one week. Salem told The Next Web, “We managed to reach seventy percent of what we need to do in phase one.”

Local and multinational companies including Coca Cola, Mobinil and Azza Fahmy Jewelry donated a total of $150,000 collectively, while anonymous donors accounted for about $70,500 of the total.

So basically 70% of the money came from corporate deals that obviously were neither closed in a week and were more about proper sales/marketing rather than Twitter magically making companies spend their budgets for a good cause.

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