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Reminder, you’re always giving information to Facebook

In case you were wondering how much information you’re providing to Facebook’s advertisers, there is a page for that. To access the page, you need to bump into an ad on your feed, click the arrow icon on the top right, select “Why am I seeing this?” and then “Manage your ad preferences”. Or click [Continue reading]

Adobe Post: Easily create social media/blog graphics on your iPhone

Adobe continues its release of free/freemium mobile apps. Adobe Post makes it easy for anyone to turn their photos and text into “beautifully designed graphics,” the company says, then share them on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The app is easy to use, allowing you to select a single image from your [Continue reading]

Report from the reality distortion field

(As Apple announced it’s record quarterly net profit [7] of $18 billion this week, I’m re-posting/translating an article I wrote for the leading Greek newspaper Kathimerini [8], back in September 2014, after the Apple Watch announcement). This week saw the announcement of the new generation of iPhone models, as well as the most expected Apple [Continue reading]

The waiting line game of Mailbox

// #Mailbox , the latest attempt at improving mail #productivity , might work or it might fail. But they’ve handled their launch strategy in an innovative and smart (in terms of  #marketing ).  Instead of the classic "give us your e-mail to notify you" and then just launch for the entire world, they adopted a [Continue reading]

Colours, Emotions, Brands

// This kind of chart has been going around the net for a while, but a reminder is always good :) If you’re looking for more #marketing -oriented #color   #infographics  see also How do colors affect purchases?http://bit.ly/VG6O70 (Chart by The Logo Company http://bit.ly/VG6wwT)

Apple: the ultimate troll, the first error

One hour and a half of presentation and they still haven’t announced the name! :D In the initial version of this post, i thought #Apple was trolling the internet. Minutes before the end of the iPad event and after the endless rumours on the name – #iPad3 , iPad HD, iPad RD? – and there [Continue reading]

This is embarrassing

From the Marriott Hotels website foo@apogee.gr is subscribed to:You have chosen not to receive Marriott email.Please allow ten business days to process this request. 2 WEEKS to unsubscribe a mail from a mailing list??

EdgeRank Checker (www.edgerankchecker.com) has added a new "post grading"…

EdgeRank Checker (www.edgerankchecker.com) has added a new "post grading" feature, showing statistics for each post on your page. Anyone using the service and seeing this in action? Embedded Link Post Grading Explained: In-Depth Facebook Post Analysis | EdgeRank Checker Post Grading Explained: In-Depth Facebook Post Analysis. Posted on October 30, 2011 by Chad Wittman. Tweet. [Continue reading]

Breaking news: Media love a good Twitter story

Reading on TNW that Egyptians use Twitter to raise over $200,000 in 1 week caught my attention, which is what a headline is supposed to do. But I dont find it to be mostly accurate. As we read in the first couple of paragraphs of the article: The initiative, spearheaded by blogger and activist Mahmoud [Continue reading]

How do colors affect purchases?

Source: How do colors affect purchases?