Apple: the ultimate troll, the first error

One hour and a half of presentation and they still haven't announced the name! :D

In the initial version of this post, i thought #Apple was trolling the internet. Minutes before the end of the iPad event and after the endless rumours on the name – #iPad3 , iPad HD, iPad RD? – and there was no mention of the name of the new iPad, except the descriptive "the new iPad".

And then, the event was over. And the name of the new #iPad is "the new iPad". Or "new iPad". Or something like that. Or maybe not.

In the first major product launch of the post-Jobs era it seems like Apple is doing it's first big #marketing error. It doesn't take much thought to see that calling a product "new" is problematic. For starters, you can't call it "new" forever, especially when we are talking about an electronic device where everything changes every six months. And of course, there is the issue of how are you going to call the next version. "Super new" sounds… strange.

Someone can argue that the "new" part will eventually be dropped and Apple will refer to as just "iPad". This doesn't make sense either as it would mean that for Apple there is not much difference between the original iPad (1) and the (new) iPad. Which would be disappointing for people getting a second-hand iPad1 and realizing that it can't do what the latest "iPad" ad shows…

Count me in the "confused" column…. :)

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