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Links in e-mails: Always hover before you click

In the screenshot, a fresh #phishing (received three times already today) attempt masquerading as a message from #Paypal . The subject was “We’ve limited access to your PayPaI account” Luckily, OSX Mail (most mail software do this, Outlook as well) shows you the address of any link when you hover over it. More on phishing [Continue reading]

If you want to get scared about the Internet today, read this

A journalist walks into a bar along with a hacker and a spoofing device, and proceeds to sneak into people’s computers and then google them for their publicly-available personal information. If you’re intrigued and need a reason to clean up your social media profiles (do you really want to have your vacation photos set to [Continue reading]

Secure WordPress with WP-Security

// WP Security Scan is a set of tools for adding some basic #security  on your #WordPress  installation. It includes: – A series of tests like if you have the latest version, if you’re not telling the world your version of WordPress, .htaccess protection, etc (see screenshot) – Information on your PHP/MySQL installation for debugging– Permissions checks [Continue reading]

#WordPress #security

#WordPress #security Embedded Link Thousands of WordPress sites commandeered by Black Hole Webmasters, update TimThumb now!Mass attacks that exploit a known vulnerability in the WordPress publishing platform have continued to bear fruit for hackers, with thousands of websites claimed in the past few weeks, a researcher said.…

A guide on keeping your personal information away from marketers

#security #malware #privacy Embedded Link How websites use your browser to sell you for cash • The Register Google+: Reshared 1 times