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Change your scrollbars with jQuery NiceScroll 

// For some time changing the look of #scrollbars has been quite tricky but the last couple of years this has become easier. Probably one of the best is a #jQuery  plugin call NiceScroll. Now in version 3 it features: – simple installation with just a line of code for any div or the whole [Continue reading]

Photobox: CSS3/jQuery image gallery

// There are probably thousands of #lightbox  solutions but here is fancy one, straight from the refreshed #jQuery   #plugins  site (http://bit.ly/YBFQye): Photobox promises to be a lightweight image gallery modal window script which uses only #CSS3 for silky-smooth animations and transitions. The goal was to create an image #gallery script that uses GPU rendering [Continue reading]

Going Fullscreen with HTML5

// Up until recently, having a web page running in full screen was not possible, left only for #Flash -based sites. The best you could do was remove the menu/location bars but still the window frame remained. This has changed with the #HTML5 #Fullscreen API which allows handling full-screen capability of the browser via #javascript [Continue reading]

Gantt charts with Javascript II

// I’ve previously (http://bit.ly/ZTPsnX) wrote about some #javascript based #gantt solutions, here are a couple more: Teamwork Gantt by Open Lab is based on #jQuery and provides features such as: in-place editing, drag&drop, zooming, do/undo, multiple dependencies, full editing, dates shortcuts, css skin, multiple browser, resources editing, multiple assignment, milestones, export data in JSON format, [Continue reading]

No-Flash Maps with jQuery

// There are tons of Flash-based map solutions and there is always Google maps integration, but what if you want a more visually simplified, tablet-ready solution that will not depend on external sources?  JQVMap is a #jQuery plugin that renders #Vector #Maps.  It uses resizable Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, [Continue reading]

Organization Chart with jQuery? Done!

// One of the things I love about #jQuery  is that amazing community that has produced a plethora of solutions. This means that if you have a problem, it’s quite possible that someone else has dealt with it before.  If you’re looking for a #javascript  solution to displaying an organization chart, Wes Nolte’s jOrgChart comes [Continue reading]

Follow-me hover effect

Catch me if you can! Here is a very nice tutorial that +Codrops calls Direction-Aware Hover Effect. Using #CSS3 and #jQuery you can have animated effects when hovering over an element that takes into account the cursor movement. This creates a unique effect on each move a user makes. Check it out here http://bit.ly/Ip24dH Google+: [Continue reading]

Javascript solutions for your chart needs

Die Flash, Die! If you hate using Flash for your chart needs or just want a modern solution that will work on all devices, here are some alternatives: 1) Morris.js, based on #jQuery and #Raphaël , will give you beautiful looking line charts http://bit.ly/IqRdA9 2) From the maker of Highslide, Highcharts provides a range of [Continue reading]

Adding context in photos

Here is a nice #jQuery plugin to enhance the photos on your website with more information. iPicture allows you to add tooltips over any photo. You can set exactly where tooltip will show up and the text that will be shown. Check it out here http://bit.ly/Hsfw0l Google+: Reshared 1 times

How to fit a large table of data in a small screen?

You don’t ;) So you decided to join the mobile world and create a unicorn/droid-ready version of your site. If you happen to use big tables of data on one of your pages you find out they don’t really fit in a small screen. The good guys of the filament group have come up with [Continue reading]

Advanced text-around-image wrapping

Not magic, JavaScript Here’s a small gem of #jQuery coding: jQSlickWrap is a #plugin which allows for easily wrapping your text around images, respecting the image’s content, as you would do in a DTP program. The specs: – Client-side, Sliced and Diced Sandbags using HTML 5’s new <canvas /> element– CSS-based padding– Sandbag "resolution" is [Continue reading]

Gantt charts with Javascript

I’ve been using an old #jQuery plugin called "jquery.gantt" with limited features and it was time for an upgrade. My search ended with JSGantt, an open source #javascript solution that covers everything you would want:– Task, (collapsible) task groups & milestones– Multiple dependencies– Multiple formats (day, week, month, etc)– Data loading through XML Get JSGantt [Continue reading]

Right-click menus in HTML5

The image below is from the future. :) It shows a context-related right-click menu implemented with just a few lines of #HTML5 code. This is already part of the official HTML 5 spec but is only supported by Firefox at the moment. The spec describes menus that are related to a section, can have sub-menus [Continue reading]

Lovely #jQuery work!

See the end-result live here http://360langstrasse.sf.tv/ Embedded Link Create an interactive street view with jQuery | Tutorial | .net magazine Severin Klaus explains how Hinderling Volkart created an innovative method of scrolling through video for its 360° Langstrasse website, and how you can use it on your site Google+: Reshared 1 times Google+: View post [Continue reading]


but… it’s not #jquery :) Reshared post from +Elijah Manor List.js – Add search, sort and flexibility to plain HTML lists with #JavaScript Embedded Link List.js – Add search, sort and flexibility to plain HTML lists with cross-browser native JavaScript by @javve You do want a 7 KB native JavaScript that makes your plain HTML [Continue reading]

#jquery tip: How to send the user a dynamically-created file via AJAX

Scenario: you are building a web-based report mechanism with options, filters, etc. You display the results via an AJAX call and then you want to have an "Export to Excel" button. What do you do? The good fellows from the filament group have an elegant solution. Embedded Link jQuery Plugin for Requesting Ajax-like File Downloads [Continue reading]