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On failing algorithms

For some perverse reason, despite being my job to write algorithms, I love it when algorithms try and fail. For the “year in review” feature, someone at Facebook thought that just matching a phrase like “it’s a boy!” in a status text meant that this was about a newborn, so obviously it should be in [Continue reading]

SoftLayer considered spam by Google

//If you are a  #SoftLayer client, be sure to check your #junk folder often as #Gmail is now considering it as a source of #spam . This is probably a recent development as I never had this problem before. As a result all mails from Softlayer of the last 10 days have ended up in [Continue reading]

You are the product even if you pay for the product

Shameful tactics by CISCO…  Reshared post from +Jan Moren Don’t buy a Cisco router. Don’t buy a Linksys router either; they’re the same company. Why? Because they now lock you out of your own bought-for router unless you join their online service. A service that gives them the right to use your data, shut down [Continue reading]

Microsoft: Google.com is malware site

Mark this as #fail of the week: Google.com was marked as a #malware distributing site by Microsoft Security Essentials program due to a buggy update. #Google was labeled as a “severe” threat due to being infected with the Blackhole Exploit Kit – a nasty sounding exploit developed in Russia that allows hackers to target Windows [Continue reading]

#fail #badjudgement :)

#fail #badjudgement :)