You are the product even if you pay for the product

Shameful tactics by CISCO… 

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Don't buy a Cisco router. Don't buy a Linksys router either; they're the same company. Why?

Because they now lock you out of your own bought-for router unless you join their online service. A service that gives them the right to use your data, shut down your connection and to unilaterally change these terms at their whim.

Now, you may think that nah, they're not really going to do evil stuff like that. But they already did — you want to bet your money and your privacy that they won't again? There's lots of makers out there, so why take the chance?

Just stay away from Cisco and Linksys.

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Cisco locks customers out of their own routers, only lets them back in if they agree to being spied upon and monetized
Owners of Cisco/Linksys home routers got a nasty shock this week, when their devices automatically downloaded a new operating system, which locked out device owners. After the update, the only way to …

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