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Build a Conference Site with Drupal

Check below a video from Acquia and guest presenter, Energy Action Coalition, as they discuss how the #Drupal Conference Organizing Distribution (COD) empowers organizations to promote and execute powerful, engaging events.  It includes a real-world example showing how to:* Streamline conference on-boarding and registration processes* Facilitate better communication with speakers and attendees* Automate sponsorship sales [Continue reading]

The Cross-CMS Perception Matrix

In the spirit of the latest "What People Think I Do / What I Really Do" meme (more at http://chzb.gr/A6accB), here is how #CMS developers view other developers and their favorite system. I think each CMS has it’s own purpose and use but there no harm with a little fun :) Included: #WordPress , #Drupal [Continue reading]

Multi-lingual content in Drupal 7

If you’re building a site with multiple languages on #Drupal you’re going to need two things: translation of the interface and translation of the content. The +Lullabot people have you covered on that with an extensive guide on how to have your site interface and your nodes (content) translated. http://bit.ly/wFB5Vk Side-note: Trying to post a [Continue reading]

Estimation on software projects can by tough

#Drupal experts Lulabot are sharing their thoughts and workflows (and even a budgeting spreadsheet!) Embedded Link The Art of Estimation | Lullabot Two Truths About Estimation. The first truth about large software projects is that it’s nearly impossible to provide an accurate estimate at the outset. A modern web site is a collection of small [Continue reading]

if you have fear of #Drupal here is a tutorial for beginners :)

if you have fear of #Drupal here is a tutorial for beginners :) Embedded Link Build a job listings website with Drupal | Tutorial | .net magazine Its learning curve is notorious but Tim Millwood argues that Drupal is not that fearsome, and demonstrates how you can use it to build a job board Google+: [Continue reading]