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How to read pages with PHP and Diffbot, a visually learning robot

Say you want to copy Facebook’s any-page-on-the-web sharing feature where a title, photo and part of the content is automagically presented to the user. Or you want to build yet another news reading service (after you finished building your geo-location group-chat app ;)). You can now do this with Diffbot.

Fixing UTF encoding in AJAX requests on Internet Explorer

The legendary status of Internet Explorer for being special among all browsers was reminded to me when I discovered that sending a variable with non-latin character in a GET request over AJAX is apparently too troubling for IE. The result is that characters in greek are either transformed to latin ones or just disappear. This [Continue reading]

Adding OG Tags in WordPress

I’ve been using the FB Connect plugin for allowing visitors to login on the blog. It adds the Open Graph tags that Facebook reads to determine how a page will be displayed on a Facebook stream when shared, but not all of them. The description and image tags are missing, plus there are not tags [Continue reading]