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Charts with Javascript: even more ways to kill Flash

// Javascript-powered chart solutions is a favorite topic of mine, so here are a few more options for you- NVD3 (http://nvd3.org/) builds upon the powerful D3 library and currently supports 11 different interactive chart types – Rickshaw (http://code.shutterstock.com/rickshaw/) also built on D3, can be used for live-data time graphs with 4 customisable chart types _ [Continue reading]

Chart.js: cross-browser, animated, HTML5 charts

//Non-Flash charts is a favourite topic of mine (see more here http://bit.ly/g-chart), basically because charts have been one of the last things Flash could do that HTML couldn’t. This of course has been changing a lot the last few years.  Another very recent (released yesterday!) example of is Chart.js. It packs: – 6 animated chart types: [Continue reading]

Organization Chart with jQuery? Done!

// One of the things I love about #jQuery  is that amazing community that has produced a plethora of solutions. This means that if you have a problem, it’s quite possible that someone else has dealt with it before.  If you’re looking for a #javascript  solution to displaying an organization chart, Wes Nolte’s jOrgChart comes [Continue reading]

Javascript solutions for your chart needs

Die Flash, Die! If you hate using Flash for your chart needs or just want a modern solution that will work on all devices, here are some alternatives: 1) Morris.js, based on #jQuery and #Raphaël , will give you beautiful looking line charts http://bit.ly/IqRdA9 2) From the maker of Highslide, Highcharts provides a range of [Continue reading]

Gantt charts with Javascript

I’ve been using an old #jQuery plugin called "jquery.gantt" with limited features and it was time for an upgrade. My search ended with JSGantt, an open source #javascript solution that covers everything you would want:– Task, (collapsible) task groups & milestones– Multiple dependencies– Multiple formats (day, week, month, etc)– Data loading through XML Get JSGantt [Continue reading]

Give me a Gantt chart and I'm sold!

Give me a Gantt chart and I’m sold! Embedded Link HTML5 Charts for Mobile Devices | Touch Charts | Sencha Touch | Products | Sencha Sencha Touch Charts enables you to build complex charts with stunning interactivity and incredible ease of use.