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YouTube adds Contacts and Private Chat features

Every app/platform in today’s world should have every feature possible so since you already have contacts/friends/connections in Facebook/Twitter/Google+/etc, you might as well have them in YouTube as well. And since you have contacts, you need to have chat, otherwise, what’s the point? So in case there was some debate about whether YouTube was a social [Continue reading]

Awesome :)

Awesome :) Reshared post from +Michelle Marie #MusicMonday Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Old School Computer RemixSounds produced from a scanner, floppy drive innards, and old Atari & TI computers. Google+: Reshared 1 times

Free Video Sharing Tools For Businesses

With the announcement yesterday about Facebook’s Video chat feature, there is more interest surrounding ways that you can share the apps running on your screen as well as your mug across a video link. There are dozens of Web conferencing products that I have cataloged here and I will mention a few of these services [Continue reading]