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Where has my desktop Google+ gone?

Some first-day gripes on the new #GooglePlus #UI. In short, it seems like the mobile UI has eaten up the desktop one. Here goes (also sending these over the @Google+ feedback form): Everything needs a click. No more hovering. While that make sense in mobile, I don’t see why the desktop experience must suffer. Hover [Continue reading]

New Garmin Connect app brings updated interface and more stats

Garmin (probably the best choice for sports gadgets) has completed a full redesign of its Garmin Connect mobile app. The updated app, which is now available to download for Android and iOS, has a completely different look from its predecessor, which largely mimicked the desktop version of Garmin Connect, with individual home screens for different [Continue reading]

Look, I have a notification about… something

// The badge icon says I have a notification in the #Google+ app. So I open it, and click app’s notifications counter. And I see this. Some (specified) people did something but it doesn’t tell me what. Some other people whose names are mentioned did something else (or perhaps the same action) in probably another [Continue reading]

Agreed :)

#WebDevelopment #UI Embedded Link 10 ways to screw up a web form and piss me off Today I complained (on Google+) about web forms where you have to re-enter your email address. I always feel insulted when sites ask me that. As if I can’t be trusted to know my own … Google+: View post [Continue reading]