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How to sync RunKeeper data into HealthKit

Update (1/Dec/2014)¬†: RunKeeper now syncs with HealthKit, on iOS you can find it in the app under ¬†Settings -> Apps, Services, and Devices -> Apple Health.¬†RunKeeper can read/write calories, cycling, walking+running distance (not steps), weight, etc. RunKeeper hasn’t joined the HealthKit bandwagon just yet (although they promise they will on their official forums) but there [Continue reading]

Health App/Kit: failing to solve a problem that has already been solved

I’ve been excited by the announcement of the Health app and the accompanying Healthkit by Apple. I considered them to be both a way to bring more focus on interoperability between apps, as well as (for the app part) show software developers what can be done with access to fitness/health data. The result so far [Continue reading]