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Prisma iOS app promises to add variety in your photo filters

I’m trying out the Prisma app that’s gone viral the last few days. Although we have had Photoshop filters that turn photos into “paintings” for more than two decades now, the creators of the app seem to have done a good job with their algorithms. The outputs (which the developers claim that are coming from [Continue reading]

Glyphish icon set for iOS7

Like it or not, the iOS7 style is here to stay and will most likely affect not just mobile apps but also web apps. So, if you’re looking to stay current with Apple’s style, Glyphish has a new set with 200 thin-styled icons following the iOS guidelines. Check them out at www.glyphish.com (cost: $25)

iOS grid design coming from the past

The grid used in the #design of the iOS7 icons is apparently not something new for Jony Ive. Here’s a look at three different-sized hardware designs that also used the same grid almost perfectly! Source

The Subtle Art of Documentation Advertising

The screenshot below is from a case study article of Microsoft’s MSDN developer site. In a great example of how to advertise #Metro over iOS without shouting "Metro kicks ass!", the article describes all the steps the authors/developers took to convert an iPad app to Metro. At the same time, every single part of the [Continue reading]