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Adobe Post: Easily create social media/blog graphics on your iPhone

Adobe continues its release of free/freemium mobile apps. Adobe Post makes it easy for anyone to turn their photos and text into “beautifully designed graphics,” the company says, then share them on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The app is easy to use, allowing you to select a single image from your [Continue reading]

All the specifications of the Apple Watch in one spreadsheet

If you’re looking for exact specifications in Apple’s site for the Apple Watch, you’re in bad luck if you also want to compare the actual numbers of the various versions and bands. Apple is giving specs on each combination only, which means you have to go through page-by-page to make comparisons. Rob Griffiths did the [Continue reading]

VOX: Editorial design for a digital world

Here is a great example from VOX on what it’s like doing an interview for a digital world, in a way that no other medium can achieve. The basic idea? The full text of the interview is accompanied by charts, links and annotations providing more depth on the answers. But that’s just the half of [Continue reading]

Is the new colour of your company taken?

Is the amazing colour you just picked for your new company close to something already used by a big company? See an extensive list of “taken” colours at brandcolors.net (collected by Galen Gidman) h/t +Nassos K.

Look, I have a notification about… something

// The badge icon says I have a notification in the #Google+ app. So I open it, and click app’s notifications counter. And I see this. Some (specified) people did something but it doesn’t tell me what. Some other people whose names are mentioned did something else (or perhaps the same action) in probably another [Continue reading]

Finally, an awesome UX tutorial

// Answering the question "What are the best resources for learning bleeding-edge web, UI and UX design?" on Quora, Colm Tuite, UI/Visual Designer & Developer, decided to write one of this own. The result was an extensive post / #tutorial  with 10 steps to a decent (if not great) start in learning about #UX. To sum [Continue reading]

Responsive on the vertical

// What can the visitor see on the first glance of your website? How can you accommodate users with different screen sizes?  Read on +Chris Coyier’s article on #responsive   #design  above the fold :) http://bit.ly/PzETlp

Some excellent concepts on designing a blog

Obviously many (like considering who your audience is, how your page will be used, paying attention to details, etc) also apply to designing any site. #blogging #design Embedded Link 7 Blog Design Tips from a Content Strategist When designing a weblog, it’s imperative to make sure the content is at the forefront. These sets of [Continue reading]

Characteristics of a modern portfolio site

An extensive and excellent collection of portfolio sites, mainly for designers and developers. Still, food for inspiration… Of all of the types of websites, the portfolio site has to overcome what might be some of the most difficult hurdles. Talk to almost any designer and they will agree, launching your own portfolio site is a [Continue reading]

A CRAP way to improve usability

Here is an excellent introduction to core values of good design. Read it and check which apply to your site :) Good visual design offers more than improving people’s attitudes to a design. Good visual design will actually make interfaces easier to use. There are at least four key principles of visual design that have [Continue reading]

Designing UX Exchange

An excellent case study of designing for the Web. Most often web designs start with a let’s-make-something-pretty concept instead of first realizing what is the content, the desired features and which are the user actions we want to “provoke”, and the developing a design to accommodate these elements. UX Exchange is a Q&A site in [Continue reading]

How do colors affect purchases?

Source: How do colors affect purchases?