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Just because you can: GUI icons with pure CSS

// Inspired by an elegant piece of CSS code by +Lea Verou, creating the WiFi code (see it here http://bit.ly/wificss), I searched for other examples of this and found this little gem: A demo of 84 icons created with just CSS by +Nicolas Gallagher. Nicolas calls it’s a "technical exercise" but given that this was [Continue reading]

Guide to CSS Transitions

// A thorough step-by-step guide to #CSS transitions Embedded Link All you need to know about CSS Transitions | Alex MacCaw CSS3 transitions bring simple and elegant animations to web applications, but there’s a lot more to the spec than first meets the eye. In this post I’m going to delve into some of the [Continue reading]

Like a website's palette? Colorfy it!

// As it has been said a thousand times, great artists steal :) If you like the color palette used on a website, you can use Colorfy it to easily find out exactly what it is. Given a URL it will analyze the source code of the #HTML and #CSS and provide you with a [Continue reading]

The future of the web: Instagram

I can haz filterz? All joking aside, the future of #HTML and #CSS certainly includes advanced graphical capabilities. Some of them are described in a recent presentation given by Vincent Hardy of +Adobe and you can examples of them in the images below. Of course, in terms of specifications, all of this is in draft [Continue reading]

Responsive menus: one code to rule them all

If you haven’t joined the mobile web yet, you should really start thinking about it. 66% of 24-35 year olds already own web-hungry smartphones in the United States. +Webdesigntuts shows us how you can have one piece #HTML / #CSS code for your menus for both your mobile and "full size" visitors. Check it out [Continue reading]

Advancing the HTML experience

www.mycookingdiary.com by +Mike Matas is great example of what you can do (and how to do it properly) with #HTML and #CSS today: – A continuous user experience using AJAX to keep the user engaged. However, each "slide" has it’s own URL. This means you can bookmark it, share it, etc.– Animation – but on [Continue reading]

CSS "Magic" :)

CSS "Magic" :) Embedded Link Experiments with background-clip: text Experiments with background-clip: text – Background Image for Text

Another victory for #HTML5 and #CSS3

The next version of the Kindle books format will support HTML5 and CSS3, moving away from the Mobi format. Of course it continues to be a shame (and a non-starter for me) that Kindle doesn’t support #EPUB … Embedded Link Kindle Format 8 Overview Kindle Format 8 Overview Google+: Reshared 1 times Google+: View post [Continue reading]

Drawing images with just #CSS

A new age for spam mails? :) Embedded Link How to draw the Windows logo with 100% CSS. No javascript! No images! HTML. <div id="windows"> <div class="canvas"> <div class="icon"> <div class="window1"> <div class="window-e1"></div&g…

Some really nice #CSS tips using the background-size property

Some really nice #CSS tips using the background-size property Embedded Link Take advantage of the CSS background-size property | Tutorial | .net magazine Front-end developer Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis, owner of W3Conversions, takes you through a variety of innovative uses for the new CSS3 background-size property. More control than you’ve ever had befo… Google+: Reshared 1 [Continue reading]