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11 Rules on being a productive creative by Henry Miller

Henry Miller (1891—1980) was one of the most controversial American novelists during his lifetime. His book, The Tropic of Cancer, was banned in the some U.S. states before being overruled by the Supreme Court. During his time working on his book, he came down to the following set of rules: 1) Work on one thing [Continue reading]

On being a productive creative

// Here’s an excellent speech by illustrator Victor Koen at this year’s TEDx Athens on harnessing your #productivity and #creativity. Some of the key concepts he explains:  – Work-day self-awareness: realize which hours of the day you work best on your various tasks– Separate your tasks to match your best performance during the day– Learn [Continue reading]

John Cleese on creativity

How many Jewish mothers does it take to screw a light bulb? :) An excellent video of John Cleese on #creativity not as talent but as a way of operating. http://vimeo.com/18913413 via +Mike Spinak