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Prisma iOS app promises to add variety in your photo filters

I’m trying out the Prisma app that’s gone viral the last few days. Although we have had Photoshop filters that turn photos into “paintings” for more than two decades now, the creators of the app seem to have done a good job with their algorithms. The outputs (which the developers claim that are coming from [Continue reading]

New Garmin Connect app brings updated interface and more stats

Garmin (probably the best choice for sports gadgets) has completed a full redesign of its Garmin Connect mobile app. The updated app, which is now available to download for Android and iOS, has a completely different look from its predecessor, which largely mimicked the desktop version of Garmin Connect, with individual home screens for different [Continue reading]

Timer “app” in Google’s search box

Another episode of the continuing series “Google prefers to give you answers rather than direct you to a site that has the answer”. Type “timer X minutes” to get a timer app with stop/reset buttons and an alarm sound in your search results. h/t +Travis Wise