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Copying from the Productive Living Newsletter by Get Things Done author, David Allen

Get your life back to widget-cranking!

Oh, for a widget-cranking job again! Ever have gigs like that, where all you did was crank widgets? Like a summer job in college? Remember how bored you were, and how psychologically healthy it was? All you had to do was show up. Every morning there was a big pile of un-cranked widgets, right next to the widget-cranking machine (with your name on it). It was not confusing—what to do, or how to spend your day. And what did you get to experience all day? Completion! Crank…widget! Crank…widget!

5 o’clock—outa here! How many thoughts of widgets or widget cranking did you have until the next day? Zero. And how much energy did you have to boogie (and other things) that night? Tons. Because you were young? No, because you were cranking widgets.

Those jobs are still available, though not nearly as many. But there’s a problem. You want what kind of car? What kind of home? What kind of school for your kids? Oops. You’ve probably gotten used to a lifestyle for which the value you add for cranking widgets won’t pay. Now you’ve got to manage widget crankers, and three are a real pain. You’ve got to design systems for widget cranking, and you’ve got computers that won’t talk to each other. Or you’re supposed to be growing a senior team that will help you think about whether widgets are what you need to be cranking three years from now or not. Not so easy.

You need to get those much more complex and ambiguous jobs back to the widgets you need to crank about them. No matter how sophisticated the work, the action steps that make it happen always boil down to: Email Bill. Draft ideas on the strategic plan. Call Susan. Buy paint. Look up consultants on the Web. We just have to think a little bit, to define and list those specific actions, and then we can get back to the free, fun, and clear kind of energy we had with the more mindless jobs that kept us so healthy in our heads.

My life and work are back to the cranking widgets level. It’s great. For the most part, I really think about all my stuff once a week in the GTD Weekly Review®, to identify the right widgets to crank. I use that time to be intelligent enough to define the things to do when I’m not so smart. The rest of the time I get to be sort of dumb and happy, doing smart things.

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