My first 2017 resolution: do this “8,760 Hours” thing

If you’re looking for a practical guide to do a “data dump” of your thoughts, wants and future planning, try out the 8,760 Hours: How to get the most out of next year free PDF from Alex Vermeer


1) Introduction. Why plan at all? To get more out of life, to take responsibility for your time.

2) Tools. All you really need is pen, paper, and some time. There’s also a very quick introduction to mind mapping and mind mapping software. I then present my fourteen life categories that I use for breaking down my life into its constituent parts and analyzing them.

3) A snapshot of the past year. Using the fourteen categories, how are things going? What went well or poorly in the past year? What is the status of your goals and projects?

4) The next 8,760 hours. First off, what is your “ideal you”? What do you want each area of your life to look like in an ideal world? Which areas need the most work? What are your major projects or goals to focus on in the upcoming year? Set some priorities.

5) Optimize for success. Setting goals is necessary but not sufficient. Using what’s known about procrastination and motivation we can optimize our chances of success. If you address uncertainties before they creep up, you’ll be better prepared for them. If you schedule regular reviews you’re more likely to stay on track. Squeeze it all into a one-page calendar to keep yourself motivated and remember the big picture.

6) Additional Resources. A small collection of additional resources to help you implement the rest of the guide and for further reading.

Get it here 8,760 Hours: How to get the most out of next year

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