Newton’s playground: Javascript physics engines

The awesome animation below is actually the recorded output of a real-time #Javascript-powered physics engine. There has been quite a lof of progress in this field lately using technologies like #canvas and #WebGL, here are some recent developments:

The “dragable/tearable cloth” demo comes from Play with it live and get the code here There are more demos on the developer’s website, like the above-pictured “ball curve collision” (balls fall through the curves which you can re-arrange as you like :))

Then we go to Verlet-js a simple (according to SubProtocol, the developer) Verlet integration physics engine written in Javascript by. Check out the “spider” demo where you can push a spider around on it’s web (yes, the spider moves around on it’s own as well :))
Finally, CoffeePhysics ( by +Justin Windle. Yes, every bubble there moves around in a frantic manner :)  More experiments by Justin here

Links via +Veljko Sekelj , +Lo Sauer and +Steve Mayne. Many thanks! :)

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