Google Reader's death is an opportunity, but for who?

// So #Google is killing Google Reader, messing with the image they have been building for years that "Google can do everything for everyone". #Reader has been the definitive #web-based #RSS reader service for years. That said the race is one for it's replacement. And things are not looking good in terms of instantly responding to demand. Here is my experience so far: 

The Old Reader imported 3 out of 20 subscriptions and is giving my a message that the rest are being imported in the background. That was some 40 minutes ago. The 3 subscriptions are loading fine though, with the exception of photos on the Shorpy feed

Netvibes imported all of my subscriptions but loading feeds is very slow or does not happen at all at the moment

NewsBlur hasn't managed to complete the import process after several tries and often gives out 502 error pages

Feedly (Chrome extension) imported all subscriptions with ease, but has a problem loading up all the many little images that uses in it's interface and basically you can't use it much

If you have found another service that does not directly connect to #GoogleReader but instead can import #OMPL files, you can export your Reader subscriptions to OMPL on Google Takeout here

So how are you dealing with this? 

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