Google Reader is dead, long live Feedly

// As I was writing ( when the #GoogleReader death was announced, the race is on for a new king of #RSS readers. 

Of the 4 that I tried the last 2 days, here's the outcome: 
The Old Reader: imported everything (but only current copies of the feeds, not the Google #Reader archive (which has about 1000 more unread article  and works fine (with the exception of photos on the Shorpy feed but that is something none of the readers get right)
Netvibes: imported everything including the article archive but the interface is not very appealing 
NewsBlur: in order to manage the extra load, they reduced their capacity of 64 feeds to 12 for the free account so that case is dropped for me.
#Feedly: imported all feeds and article archive, has an excellent interface with multiple choices for layouts and an additional great free app for iOS and Android. 

So, thank you #Google  for introducing me to a great service, Feedly :)
And now for some obligatory Hitler rage on the issue

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