This future is cool

For someone that once had to limit his program’s code to 32KB, it’s quite amazing how easy it is do a video like this in about 5 minutes on your mobile phone.

Here’s how it goes. My Garmin smartwatch records GPS distance and pace data (among other things), sends it to an app, which sends it to the cloud, which is automatically passed to Strava, to end up on the Relive app, which creates a video with a 3D visualisation of the route. The video includes some photos I select, taken with my phone, which contain GPS information so Relive can place them in the right moment in time and place with zero actions on my part. Finally, I can add some music on iMovie and a fancy filter. Oh, if a photo is a “Live” one, Relive will turn them into mini movie clips (which is what they are actually).

All in all, 99% of the actions needed are automated or computed. The future of my 15-year old self feels quite cool. Still, it took me more than 10 times the effort to write this post than prepare the video. Something for the next 25 years to be solved.