Against motivation: 3 elements for success

There is no need to always search for motivation. Any goal will do the same job along with planning and monitoring.

However, all three elements are required. Just setting a goal is not enough because it only takes a second to take the decision but there is nothing to trigger you to specific action after that. Planning is also not enough because it’s there is no drawback to changing the plan after a few days of inaction. The combination removes the question of whether it’s a good day for a run or how many km you need to do today. Less decisions means less chance of not following through.

As an example, this month’s arbitrary goal was a 210km virtual race in Havana, Cuba, via Racery. Planning was done on Training Peaks and progress monitoring on Beeminder. The goal was reached with walking sessions on the rest days because the point was not to exhaust oneself in a non reachable goal but simply be more active than the month before (plus you’re not supposed to lie in a bed on rest days – light or weight training is advised).

In July I’m racing in Spain on the “Running of the Bulls” Virtual Race — want to join? :)

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