Obama on how to achieve change


In a recent commencement address in Howard University, Barack Obama talked about his favourite topic: change. While he was talking about working to fix the issues that the US is currently facing, about the injustices that still exist, they can be viewed in a broader way. Excluding any discussion on his policies and implementations, here are some key quotes on how to think about being able to achieve change in any part of life

1. Change requires a strategic view, planning and organising

“You have to go through life with more than just passion for change; you need a strategy. [..] You see, change requires more than righteous anger. It requires a program, and it requires organizing.”

2. Change can not happen ignoring your environment and who you’re dealing with (or trying to change)

And finally, change requires more than just speaking out — it requires listening, as well. In particular, it requires listening to those with whom you disagree, and being prepared to compromise.

3. Change can almost always only be gradual – and that’s OK.

I will take better every time. I always tell my staff — better is good, because you consolidate your gains and then you move on to the next fight from a stronger position.

See the full speech below

You can also find Obama’s full remarks at Howard University commencement ceremony on Politico

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