Thank you Internet: the best order of watching Star Wars

Star Wars suggested viewing order

1 part crowd-sourced Q&A (the sci-fi StackExchange site) and 1 part Google’s Knowledge Graph (a database of answers and indexed data based on semantic search concepts) to get an instant result on my critical search: “correct order of watching Star Wars”

In case you wonder, here’s what the Internet has decided for my life in the next two weeks:

IV: A New Hope (original trilogy)
V: The Empire Strikes Back (original trilogy)
I: The Phantom Menace (prequel trilogy)
II: Attack of the Clones (prequel trilogy)
III: Revenge of the Sith (prequel trilogy)
VI: The Return of the Jedi (original trilogy)

User Mike Scott of StackExchange notes:
Basically, you have a very extended flashback between episodes V and VI.
That puts the oldest and clunkiest SFX first, avoids spoiling the revelations from episode V, and finishes at the end of the story. And it means you won’t stop and give up in disgust after watching only one movie.

Thank you for your service, sir :)

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